Camo Bridal Shower Invitations

On this page you’ll find unique camo bridal shower invitations in Realtree, Mossy Oak and other hunting camouflage designs. You’ll also find a variety of matching favor boxes, plates and other products that go along with this popular wedding theme. Choose from fun or elegant designs below with design elements of chalkboard, burlap and more.  All invites on this page also match camo wedding invitations that are part of several collections found on this site.


I Do BBQ Camouflage Bridal Shower Invitations

I do BBQ camo bridal shower invitations

I do BBQ camo bridal shower invitations.

Invites feature a camo background with chalkboard text box. String lights and fancy text make these invitations pop. The back has the same matching background print on the back. If you are holding a BBQ bridal shower, consider the bridal shower invitations with matching plates and fancy favor boxes that have real ribbons for added elegance.

The Hunt is Over Bridal Shower Invites

The Hunt is Over camo bridal shower invitations

The Hunt is Over camo bridal shower invitations.

This design features a camouflage background with a dark brown gradient over the text area. The Hunt is Over is printed over a green trimmed printed gold colored band. Fancy script fonts wrap around printed gold text for uniqueness. Matching products are found to complete the themed bridal shower.  Favor boxes that have ribbons can be changed from white to black, pink or purple to compliment your wedding colors.

Mossy Oak Bridal Invites with Carved Log Slice

Burlap and carved heart camo bridal shower invitations

Burlap and carved heart camo bridal shower invitations.

A carved log slice across twine compliments this rustic themed invite for bridal showers. The text box features a printed brown burlap print with a fun script font in an ivory or light tan color. “Carve” the initials of the bride and groom into the heart. You can also use just the bride’s initials if you choose to do so. Matching plates also feature twine with the matching carved tree slice and twine. Favor boxes feature a heart cutout to match the overall design theme.

RealTree Mason Jar Invitations for Bridal Showers with Twine and a Sunflower Theme

mason jar sunflower camo bridal shower invitations

Camo bridal shower invitations with a sunflower and mason jar design.

Sunflowers and hunting camo go hand in hand and here’s a design with a mason jar theme. This bridal shower invite features a camo background with a printed burlap band and a mason jar over the design. The mason jar features twine with a sunflower around the mouth of the jar. Spruce up the shower with matching party plates and favor boxes that feature a matching camo-sunflower-mason jar theme.

String Lights + Camouflage Bridal Invitations Set

String lights Mossy Oak camo themed bridal shower invitations

String lights Mossy Oak camo themed bridal shower invitations

String lights cascade on the top of this hunting camo themed bridal shower invitations set.  String lights give a glowing appearance that appear to look life like — all lit up. Invites also feature a brown text box with elegant upright white fonts. Matching plates also feature the same string lights over camo design.

Hanging Lighted Mason Jar Camo Bridal Shower Invitations

Mason jar hunting camo bridal shower invitations

Mason jar camouflage bridal shower invitations with lights or fireflies and burlap.

Hanging mason jars dangle from the top. Mason jars are lighted or have fireflies inside. Bridal Shower is printed in a fancy script font over top a printed brown burlap text box. Customize the fonts, sizing or color to your liking or stick to the demo selections — it’s your choice. Pair with the matching plates that feature the same lighted mason jar design with any of the favor boxes on this page.

Deer Heart Burlap Camo Bridal Shower Invitations

deer camo bridal shower invitations

Deer themed hunting camo themed bridal invites.

Invites feature a beautiful deer design that form a heart. Like some of it’s predecessors, this design features elements of camo and burlap. Matching favor boxes feature the same deer, burlap and camo elements. Pair them with plates from collection 1 found on this page for a full set.