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The Federal Trade Commission requires that any site disclose any relationship that they have between a product manufacturer or service provider.

This site, VintageRusticWeddingInvitations.com, is affiliated with Zazzle.com in a partnership. What that means is that VintageRusticWeddingInvitations.com provides graphic designs that you see on this website for sale that you may purchase through Zazzle.com. Zazzle is a print on demand company. The owner of VintageRusticWeddingInvitations.com is a graphic designer.

When you purchase a design by finding it on this site, the owner of VintageRusticWeddingInvitations.com gets a royalty from Zazzle. This is due to a customer liking a graphic design that the owner of VintageRusticWeddingInvitations.com created. Designers are paid a small royalty for his or her work. Zazzle then immediately manufacturers the products that you see on this website, if purchased, then ships the products to customers.

VintageRusticWeddingInvitations.com may also get a commission for other sales through affiliate links if you happen to buy from other Zazzle designers. This is only the case if you find other products through affiliate links found on this website.

Zazzle does not disclose the personal information of customers with designers. When you purchase through Zazzle, they handle the manufacturing, credit card processing, shipping, refunds etc. Designers are only shown that they had a sale and the commission earned via graphic designs that are offered to Zazzle. If you have questions other than those related to the designs found on this website then you must go through Zazzle’s contact links or telephone number provided. That information is found on their homepage at the bottom.

Zazzle has a 30 day money back guarantee on all products. If you purchase a product, you can contact them for a refund or to have any issues sorted out with a particular product.

It’s important for you as a consumer to understand the relationship between a person promoting/reviewing products and the manufacturer or service provider. If you don’t see a disclosure policy as part of a review or offering of a product, that reviewer/site owner/designer may be violating the law or at the very least the Code of Ethics.

Many hours are put into the designs that you see offered on this website. I hope that you like them 🙂

~Owner of Vintage Rustic Wedding Invitations

Terms of Use

All images and content (articles, etc.) found on this site are property of VintageRusticWeddingInvitations.com and may NOT be used as images/content on other websites. You MAY share images on Pinterest and other similar sites; however, you may NOT claim any of the content as your own.

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